Risk Management & Security Training
Janus Group Training Services- Mexico

Janus Group - Mexico has developed a proprietary system that trains personnel on all aspects of security operations frequently encountered in Mexico.We will enhance your tactical skills with a combination of classroom instruction, scenario-based exercises and practical applications. The proprietary system is based upon three fundamental underlying principles:

  • 1.Realistic and Practical Training Protocols
  • 2.Efficient Solutions and Options Provided Specific to the Mexican Market
  • 3.Survivability as the End Goal

Our experienced personnel possess the special abilities, training, multi-lingual skills and equipment necessary to correctly train security operatives, corporate employees and family members. Janus Group – Mexico offers the flexibility of training at a designed location, or coming to your facility with one of our Mobile Training Teams.

Janus Group - Mexico provides the following trainingservices with emphasis on the specific nuances of the Mexican market:

  • Threat Assessment and Risk Planning
  • Mission Planning
  • Protective Security Detail
  • Advanced Defensive and Protective Driving
  • Vehicle Armor Techniques
  • Vehicle Evacuations
  • Covert Surveillance Training
  • Hostile Environment and Situational Awaren
  • Tactical Site Surveys
  • Kidnapping Counter measures
  • Extortion and Corruption Countermeasures
  • Weapons Training
  • Explosives Detection
  • Narcotics Detection
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • First Aid

For more information on Janus Group - Mexico’s Training services please contact us.